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I Almost Gave Up My Dream,Emmyli

Emmanuel Eleojo Odaun popularly known as Emmyli was born in the city of Kaduna where he started off as a musician. He has had unforgettable experience of sleepless nights in studios just to get access to recording his own song.
He battled with mosquitoes, facing challenges on promotion,shooting of videos,hustling to perform in shows to the point he got tired. He didn't give up his dream of becoming someone in the music industry as he kept on pushing and recording great tunes.
"I told my mom my plans to move to Lagos to push up my career and she prayed for me. The next day, I started putting things together to travel and the funny thing was I only knew an uncle over there.
"That was how my journey started off. When I got to Lagos, I called my uncle, but his response showed I wasn't welcomed. That day, I slept on the street of Ikeja for days because I didn’t have much money on me.
"I later improvised. I went to the nearest bar, bought a bottle of drink , the sipped slowly till they closed. This happened for days until I had no option than to start calling and texting friends that can help me with where to stay. I later got through to a friend that stays at Egbeda, I then moved to his place, stayed for a while and I was able to get some money to get an affordable house to at least rest my head.
" It didn't end there, I was defrauded by a fake house agent, at this point I felt like committing suicide, thinking of how I got that money. I finally located my friend that had a studio in Ojodu Berger,I started managing the place at the same time, living there.
He also narrated how he suffered night and day without food and how he almost gave up pursuing his dream as an artiste.
"I remember staying days without food,  sometimes it's only God that provides Mai Shayi bread and tea  for me. I felt like God has forgotten  me as no help and nobody  was there for me. 
"Sometimes, I feel like going back, but when I remember where I came from, I can’t but encourage myself to keep believing and kept working all night to a point that I can’t remember the number of songs I have recorded.
"Sometimes, I cry asking God if he has forgotten me because I know I am good at what I do. What was happening in my life is something to worry about because at this point, I can’t go back home and I can’t tell my mom what I'm going through.
"I didn't want to worry her with my problems or else she wouldn't sleep.
So I kept on until now, I won’t  deny the fact that I've been able to keep my game rolling. It wasn’t easy for me  i must say 
I almost gave up my dream. I almost lost it, but God kept me in line and I realize giving up is never an option, " he narrated.
Emmyli advised upcoming act like him 
to keep dreaming, working and never stop. There’s time and season for everything,just stay focused and the sky would be their stepping stone.
"Thank God I'm still alive, I've done some feature with Xdog, Jumabee, AT,
International Dj Megaprime from Abidjan and some video appearance  top musicians like Skales,Jumabee,white Lion,and many more, " he told LEADERSHIP.
He has dropped a  couple of songs like Steady -EP (4tracks), Ise Oluwa, Heartbeat, Ori ,Steady,Kolobi, Watermelon , E Go Better And Alubarika, his latest release

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