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COVID-19: Nollywood In Precarious Position- Rykardo Agbor

Rykardo Agbor

Famous Nollywood actor, Rykardo Agbor has added his voice to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19),saying the industry is in a very precarious position calling on colleagues pray for an end to the pandemic so that they can go back to entertaining and informing the public.
Rykardo who is also a brand influencer, movie maker, producer, made this known while speaking exclusively with LEADERSHIP.
According to him, the industry wasn't as lucrative as it is today and he's happy that with the blessings of his parents, he's doing pretty well as a world renowned.
"It wasn't as easy as it is today because back then, the entertainment industry was not viewed as a lucrative venture hence, it was more of a big risk to plunge into the craft. But thank God today that's history as my work speaks for itself.
"I also produce aside acting and into compere. My biggest problem initially was my parent's doubt about the industry because they felt it wasn't lucrative enough, but I had to sit them down and solicit their support and blessings because it's even Biblical that one needs the blessings of his/her parents blessings to prosper in life undertakings. Eventually they understood and gave me their consents and blessings and the rest is history today," he narrated.
Speaking further, he called on government to clampdown on movie pirates who have become a major setback.
Rykardo who has appeared in more than 50 flicks in Nollywood home and  abroad has also produced a movie called My Way 1&2. The movie is on @deloniferatv, and could only be subscribed  to view.
"We really need the government to help the industry clampdown on pirates to help the industry get enough investors, hence, helping for quality productions that can stand international audiences and awards too.
"Film making has numerous advantages, for example it creates job opportunities for different facets of the industry, makeup, location, costumes, script writers ,sound men, lighting etc.
Movie is another form of education, information and entertainment and these are ways to help reshape the society and also to store an event (history) and also predict an event (future).
"It's very important for us to work in tandem for our industry to withstand any kind of pressure nationally and internationally. And about the pandemic, we just need to observe all warnings and stick to instructions from relevant authorities," he added advising aspiring actors to be humble, attentive and most importantly, they should fear God Almighty and believe in themselves.
Rykardo Agbor started acting in 1993 through a model friend of his. His first movie was titled 'Visa to Hell' produced by Fedilis Duker. Born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. C E  Agbor. He has three sisters and he's the only male child of the family. He hails from Ekpokpa in Ikom local government of Cross River state, Nigeria. A Mass Communication graduate. He's  married with a set of twins. 

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