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Though my father worked at CBN, I wasn’t born with silver spoon –Nse Ikpe Etim

No doubt, screen goddess, Nse Ikpe Etim, is always graceful whenever she appears on the television, especially when she smiles. Her gracious features, from her natural hair to her flawless skin, would make people believe that she was born with a silver spoon.

However, in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress mentioned that although her father worked at the Central Bank of Nigeria, it was wrong to assume that she was born with a silver spoon.

She said, “It is rather presumptuous to assume that I was born with a silver spoon because my father worked at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Of course not; I was not born with a silver spoon.

 “My father was posted to different parts of Nigeria and the advantages were that we got to see the country, learn new cultures, and pick up new languages though I have forgotten loads of phrases. One of the disadvantages was that I made and lost friends along the line, so either way, we just lived. At the end of the day, we turned out okay.”

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