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Fella Makafui’s Pissed Baby Daddy Allegedly Leaks S£x Tape Of Her Being Banged Doggy Style

Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui isn’t having any free moment to even breath today as her deepest secrets keep hitting social media and completely embarrassing her.
The actress has lived a life of great ‘dignity’ hitherto, always maintaining that she has worked very hard for everything she owns and denying any reports claiming she was simply another ashawobrity.
That all vanished yesterday as her sugar daddy was exposed after he angrily shut down her wine shop in East Legon.
Fella has come out to deny that also but it’s now emerged that her sugar daddy is not done with her and has even released a s£x tape to embarrass her further.
According to what we’re hearing, the tape has hit social media and features a lady being drilled from behind, doggy style, whose features look a lot like Fella

The lady’s hairstyle also looks like one Fella has used before but one big ‘evidence’ in the video is that the lady keeps screaming ‘daddy’, which some leaked chats show is how she addresses her sugar daddy.
We can’t produce the video on here but it’s apparently all over social media.

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