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These Are The Lessons Adenike Adebayo-Esho Learned From Her Wedding About Aso-ebi

Credit – @akinoyebodephotography | instagram.com/adenikeoadebayo
Adenike Adebayo-Esho is a lifestyle vlogger who got married last year and despite the books she read, the stories she heard and the advises she listened to, she wishes she handled somethings better.
So, she decided to share some lessons she learnt for soon-to-be brides to avoid the mistakes she made, especially on the area of aso-ebi.

1 I did not know that when people buy aso-ebi from you, they believe that they are gifting you something. They believe they have given you your wedding gift. I did not know that and I learnt the hard way because I just didn’t get why someone will say, ‘oh I did not have any money to support your wedding but I will buy aso-ebi.’ That makes absolutely no sense.
2 People can buy your aso-ebi and still not come for your wedding. Infact, people will buy your aso-ebi without any intention of coming for your wedding but they just buy it because they believe that buying the aso-ebi means they have contributed to your wedding in a certain way.
3 When you are selling aso-ebi, you are supposed to add your own money to it and I didn’t know that. I sold my aso-ebi at the price I bought it at the market and people were telling me how I could make millions of naira from it.
4 Even if people buy your aso-ebi for one thousand naira, they are still expecting souveneirs from you.

5 People would rather buy your aso-ebi than give you money for your ceremony.
6 People feel like they are doing you a favour when they buy your aso-ebi
7 Unless you’re ready to go mad. Unless you’re interested in going crazy, don’t sell your aso-ebi by yourself.

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