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Omabelle’s Honest Truth About Having A Baby And Changes The Body Go Through

Nothing good comes without a price, so also is the gift of motherhood. The journey to be called a mother is long and hard but worth it.
One of the things involved in the process of being a mother is that your life revolves around your children, hence, vlogger Omabelle advises that women are sure they are ready to have a baby and not because of pressure.
She said,
The first thing I would always tell anybody is, before having a baby, you want to be sure you are in the right place, you want to make sure that you’re ready and not just getting pregnant because of pressure from your family or in-laws, because once the baby comes, that is it.
Once the baby comes, you already have a life entrusted on your hands and your life is going to evolve around that baby. So, I will advise newly-weds or couples that are planning on starting their family to make sure you take out time to enjoy each other.

While some people have a very easy pregnancy, it’s not the same for every woman. So, based on her experience as a mother of two, Omabelle shared the truth about having her baby.
  1. She noticed she was always going to the bathroom to pee until she realized she was pregnant.
  2. Feeling lazy, tired and nauseous. She threw up from the first month till the seventh month.
  3. Weight gain
  4. Swollen foot
  5. Your bra becomes your friend
  6. Inability to see your vagina once your stomach starts bulging
  7. Difficulty to sleep
  8. Always having to ask for help
  9. Many pregnant women suffer from insufficient blood. A major way to replenish blood is to take beetroot juice.
Not all women snap back immediately after childbirth because the human body is different from one person to another.
Omabelle reveals that many women, after childbirth, have stretch marks, excessive stomach flesh, saggy breasts and no appetite or fear of sex.

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