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KAB EXCLUSIVE: Ghana’s Most Beautiful’s Nasara Finally FILES for Divorce–Her Marriage to Mr. Kittoe Has Ended

                                                         Nasara Rauf “Kittoe’
About 10 months ago, we publication  series of articles, which stated inter alia that the marriage between Nasara (full name Nasara Miriam Abdul Rauf) of Ghana’a Most Beautiful fame and her husband Mr. Kittoe had hit the rock, over allegations that Nasara is unable to keep her legs closed and more.
The publication stated among other things that, “scandals hovering around Nasara’s marriage, which have caused her husband, a man she once boldly said on TV cannot leave her butt—is so much that, you wouldn’t even perhaps believe them all.”
And that, “the marriage between Nasara and her husband-Mr. Kittoe has turned out to be a hellish affair, clearly shown on HD to their neighbours—the couple has become talk of the Trassaco area where they reside.”

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