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5 Sensual Sex Positions for Longer Love-Making

Run of the mill penetrative thrusting is good in all kinds of ways. It's time-tested, and feels reliably good for most people. But you can make your partner last longer (plus up your orgasmic potential) if you move beyond the old in and out. Here's how.
1 The Knocker Rocker
Lie on your sides facing each other. Wrap your upper leg and arm around your partner and rock him back and forth. This makes the stimulation a little less intense for him, plus you get to control the rhythm. He's in charge of playing with your boobs and assisting you with your favorite vibrator. Super intimate and feels amazing.
2 Missionary Impossible
If you crave a traditional missionary experience with all of the eye-gazing and whatnot, go ahead and do it. Just use a thicker condom (look for words like “extra strength” or “extended pleasure”) and use a grinding motion instead of a thrust. If he's still finishing too quickly (because of the sheer power of your sexiness, natch), try a condom with a numbing lubricant like benzocaine inside. Just beware about mouth-stuff afterwards because that stuff really does numb you up.
3 The Ball Monitor
Katie Buckleitner/Rachel Johnson
You kneel over his lap facing his feet. Grind, rub, and thrust as you please. When it seems like he's about to orgasm, gently tug on his balls, pulling them away from his body slightly. (Gently!!) Repeat the sequence long as y'all can take it.

4 The Measuring Spoons
You're the inner spoon, he's the outer. Open your legs wide and wrap your top leg back around his legs/butt to pull him closer. The thrusting motion tells a dude's brain and/or penis that he should have an orgasm right away, so curb the full-on banging. Try a rhythm of, say, eight shallow thrusts to one deep hard one, with him thrusting in and up. He can maximize the slow burn by cupping your vag with a well-lubed hand as he moves.
5 Dog, Interrupted
Switching positions works as a reset button on Masters and Johnson's stages to climax. A good way to transition without a body part slipping out and everyone getting grouchy is starting in an all-fours position with your knees spread wide. When he feels himself getting close, he sits back on his heels, pulling you down by your hips onto his lap. Use the opportunity to touch yourself, him to cool down, and to start back up again in a super sexy position that hits all the right spots.


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