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Good morning dear Diary
Let's go through this together because life is about cooperation, this time i will be  engaged with my diary while you become part of it by reading, so grab a bottle  of your favourite drink and you must be relaxed to enjoy this episode.
Enugu state has always been a state I look forward to spending more time in but with my busy kind of job?  I am not sure I have such  luxury, sometimes in January I got a call to move to Enugu for an important  assignment in some of the eastern states but then I must go by road from Abuja, I was happy about it because at least my eyes can feel what they've been deprived from, the journey was not as fun as expected but at least I was in Enugu and had to look for a nice hotel away from the noisy environment, I was lucky to meet a cab driver who seems to know what I wanted at that time, Richmond Hotels at New Heaven was almost a perfect but not completely perfect because I love African dishes, hmmmmmm I will come back to the food part, I had to wait for about five minutes to be checked in because I needed a room upstairs, finally I was up there, took a warm bath, made a few calls but then I realised that I could not sleep or do anything because I was hungry and needed some nice food to eat but then it was 6:45 and trust me I am not so cool with moving out at night but this time  I had to eat.
I stepped out and luckily I got a cap but have to drive round for over 20 minutes to find what I could go with,
Are you surprised?  No don't be because I don't eat any kind of food, well we got a place and enjoyed my meal but got carried away with what was on the screen, you wanna ask why? Don't worry because I was gonna tell you, the TV was on but no one seems to have interest on what was showing except one lady who was two tables away from me, I could not engage in a conversation because she was so much into what was showing which was the Big brother Naija, it was the first week of the show so I was still trying to figure out what was going on but I knew I liked the uniqueness of Efe and the lousiness of Bisola but then I watch Tboss carefully and I liked the tattoos all over her until I noticed she had a piercing on her Nipples and I felt completely at home with her so much that I always wanted see the cameras on her, Bally on the other side is cool and of cause from my hometown in kaduna, enough of big brother naija darling, I needed to leave as soon as the advert came on, I paid for the bills and  left but I stood outside for 7 minutes and there was no cap  that was ready to look at my direction and I was getting furious and hating the town already ,then the young lady I Sow came out, zoomed her car and left but it seems my luck came glaring at her when she drove back and ask if she could be of help, then the man in me wanted to show his ugly face and i had to calm him down and i was like "hi, are you by anyway going towards new heavens?" "Join me” was what she said, and the rest became history as I was able to know her as Dian.

It was A busy time for me in the coal city of Enugu but trust me I was loving the town but I had problems making friends and at that time I wished I had Dian’s contact, all I knew about Dian is that she’s from Imo,work with one of the Banks in Enugu,I got back from Awka earlier than expected, I came down to the Bar to get  something to drink ,trust me nothing was just sweet for me, not because of Dian but because of what I got at the Governor’s office in Awka,I took the last bend up stairs and I noticed that Room 107 which is opposite my room flipped closed but then I was less concern ,all I was thinking was how to get to Umuahia the following morning ,20 minutes gone by and I was all ready to sleep and a knock came at my door, for a second I thought it was the room service but then I am sure I never placed any order, I reluctantly open the door “oh sorry” was what I got, I can’t explained what happened but before me was a tall and fair in complexion lady, she is curvy, massive boobs and do you know what? looking up to her face was a total knock down because I could recognise her even in the Darkest night of Sodom, she is Dian Chukwu…..yeah the very Dian, she could be pretending not to recognise me but I do, she had a few drinks and missed her steps and there she was at my door, I took her to room and made sure she was on her bed, I watched her closed her eyes slowly until they were finally closed before I left to my room, all through the night I was wondering what happened to Dian that made her drunk to stupor ,all this questions would have been answered if she was awake and again what brought her to a hotel when she got an apartment in Enugu?

Just like a twinkle of an eye it was morning and I was already to move to umuahia ,I stopped and knocked at her door but there was no answer at the other end and I was not so sure she was awake, there I was in umuahia, bad experience from the cap guy who took me to the government house and even more bad experience from the government house, finally I was back to Enugu and got my keys from the reception, settled in my room and too lazy to shower ,again a knock at my door and I was happy that my food is ready but that was not so true as Dian was at the door, maybe to thank me because the receptionist told me that the lady at room 107 asked of the man in my room because even in her drunk stage she still knew that some dude from that room helped her out, now she’s standing next to me worried if she should be happy, shy or even cry but then the looks on her face shows she was surprised and happy to see me, I opened the door completely and she came into my arms like a woman who her soldier husband just returned from  war, she was crying in my arms for 4 minutes without a word and I was confused but showed her to the only seat in my room so we spend the night……………………. 

thank you for been part of my Diary and i will be bringing the concluding part in a few days.

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