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6 dos and don’ts for sizzling dry S8x

If you are worried of getting pregnant every time you have intercourse, try outer-course or dry S3@.x:’. You can achieve the same kind of org@.$m that you achieve during an intercourse without the hassle of getting pregnant.
Dry S3@.x:’, dry humping or outercourse is ideal when you are desperate for some action.
Dry S3@.x:’ is a great form of foreplay too and gives you prolonged action in bed. You can go on for hours teasing and playing with each other with dry S3@.x:’ before you reach the O.
Here are some dos and don’ts to make dry S3@.x:’ more enjoyable:
  • Don’t shy away from your partner. While men org@.$m better with an intercourse, women enjoy dry humping more as it rubs the clitoris in the perfect way. So if you reach an org@.$m early, don’t feel awkward about your stamina or method of getting an org@.$m.
  • Just because dry S3@.x:’ involves keeping your panties on so that the fluid does not enter your V@.g!na, doesn’t mean you don’t remove other pieces of clothing. Rip each other’s clothes off or play striptease before you move on to dry S3@.x:’. Just keep your underwear on.
  • Avoid wearing jeans while dry humping. The grinding can cause a lot of chafing and discomfort.
  • You don’t have to restrict to the missionary position during dry S3@.x:’. Experiment with positions to sizzle your outer course.
  • Don’t skip the foreplay. If you want to enjoy a satisfying outer-course, dedicate the same kind of time to foreplay as you usually do. The only difference between the two is penetration.
  • Try dry S3@.x:’ on days you’ve forgotten to carry a condom. Rather than having no action at all or satisfying each other with just foreplay, make the most of it by dry humping. Have fun  as you are not going to get pregnant.The fluid can’t enter through your clothes and hence there’s no reason to worry.
Source: The Health Site

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