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LINDA IKEJI PLAYED A CHEAP LIE ON HER FANS, her blog was never removed by google @lindaikeji @MrAyeDee

Last Week everybody crave after the end of the story between our Dear popular Entertainment Blogger Linda Ikeji and her counterpart @MrAyeDee.
Earlier on she had been accused of plagiarism and other copyright violation (so to say) with the threat that the blog will be brought down even after Google had removed the Contents in Question.
Linda acknowledged that she did receive a message from Google, quoted below:
“Outrageous false claims. And because Google acts first before they contact the blog owner, they took down some posts and asked me to file a counter claim if I felt I had a right to re-publish those articles. Now that my blog is under Google review, these guys have started to spam it again.”

Just Like the  prophecy of MrAyeDee came to pass "Google has taken a few more steps to bring down the Blog", and everybody turns sympathiser of Aunty Linda, thinking how on earth will the most popular Blog in Nigeria get locked in the thin air, wheew

But the Truth is, the whole story is well planned and too good to be true,  so I regard it as Conspiracy or Publicity stunt. I might  be wrong but the Facts are highlighted below:

She wrote "they took down some posts and asked me to file a counter claim". That is not true Google will never log in to your blogger account to remove any content, that is privacy violation, you will be ask to do it yourself.
Also she wrote that Google ask her to:"to file a counter claim if I felt I had a right to re-publish those articles"

But in her chat with "Alex Info 1976AD" (aka MrAyeDee) its otherwise, she wrote in the chat that:

me:  so u asked google to take my blog down?
info:  Yes
info: I did
info: Hate me later
me:  and they did without even talking to me?

Secondly, she claimed that "Alex Info 1976AD" is an old friend but "Then we stopped talking". This issue is personal so I can’t comment, BUT what I have to say is 4 years is too short to loosed contact with someone who Honoured you with woman of the year award, so this story seems not it at all, maybe Aunty Linda should try harder in convincing us that what she did wasn't a publicity stunt to shoot her Mr AyeDee into becoming an Instant celebrity that he suddenly became

Thirdly, we all see the Blog been remove or rather we see a message "Blog has been removed - Sorry, the blog at lindaikeji.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs."
This is the most confusing part because it seems to me that Linda intentionally deleted the Blog herself, how did I know?

A colleague (name withheld) of mine made me to understand that as a blogger having more than one blog in your account makes it easy to do what I think aunty linda did ,how ?if you so decide to delete any, it is feasibly safe to do so and can restore that same blog back withing 90days. So we put it to practical and delete one of his unused blog and we got the same message, displayed on lindaikeji.blogspot.com during the period she claimed the blog had been removed.

According to Punchng, “When contacted, Google’s Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Anglo-Phone West Africa, Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade, said he was not in the best position to speak on the specifics of the development”. That implies that Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade has not clue of what is going on.

All well analysed with no hatred intention, but I wonder why would she do that, for popularity?  I doubt it, For Money? capital NO, for LOVE, I can’t say,if what am thinking might be right then aunty Linda now follow the footstep  of some Nigerian celebs who cook up stories to remain relevant in the media, I know that my reader is having one common question “if Linda ikeji that is more popular than some of the Nigerian entertainers could be looking for popularity” well D'banj was popular when he keeps fuelling up stories on been shot only to come up after 3 Days to deny just to regain headlines,
Well whatever the arrangement was,sorry e no enter well , well. Aunty  linda yourself and laila still Remain my role models but trust me you don't need what you did

Thanks for reading keaadams Blog


  1. Absolute RUBBISH. Mstchewwww!!!!!

  2. and dis is why pple like u wont suceed becos of ur stupid accusations.go and tie your legs together and pretend to be a mermaid *in stella's voice*

  3. and dis is why pple like u wont suceed becos of ur stupid accusations.go and tie your legs together and pretend to be a mermaid *in stella's voice*

  4. A real blogger will know the points stated in this update is absolutely true. Google will never delete a content from your blog. Secondly, if Google shuts down your blog, you are starting afresh. You can't get the kind of restore Linda claims to have done. Tnx.

  5. FUCK YOU...hack ur own blog

  6. Hehehehehehehe! Dear blogger U don't even know a thing abt blogging,mumu Gº and take several seats...ur envious heart will only destroy you...Big fool,jst stop d hate Ok,,and even regretting d fact dat am commenting on dis fucked blog and dis will be my last. LOSER!

  7. @keaadams.......source 4 better news, stop being a fool & a hater at d same time!!!!

  8. The Fact remains the same that Linda, is just an attention freak, Kea Adams stop being a hater

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