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Maybe this madness should come to an End!It is a beautiful thing seeing our entertainers doing us proud within and outside Nigeria: the likes of 2face,Rugged man, P square, Geneveive, Stella Damasus, and whole lots of entertainers turned the Negative Image of this Nation in the late 90s and early 2000s into what we are seeing today, It is because they decided to pick a path of been social crusaders and not public seeking entertainers like what we have today, artistes get busy fighting each other on social media and pages of magazines which doesn't really portray what they are here for, if our entertainers are here to entertain and educate the masses then they should pay more attention on doing that and stop the DON JAZZY VS WONDE COAL show of shame, WIZKID VS J MARTINS Saga, DAVIDO VS WACOMZY jobless act and the MAVERLOUS, HENZEE and SHANTEL disgraceful act,

Talking about this 3 act above, I really do respect the speedy progress the Entertainment industry in the North have been gaining from the good job they have been doing long before now but I for one have not really been Happy with what the industry have turned out to be in Kaduna for the past 3 weeks, allot of people expected me to have said something about Marvelous, Henzee and Shantel long before now but my dear reader the time to make a statement on this is now!!!

This whole issue wouldn't have escalated to this point  if not for my brothers in the Media, there are things that are Preventable, such like the show of Shame of Marvelous, Henzee and Shantel, Much respect for Kevin Tita of REPLAY TUNES but I really think that he hasn't done enough to kill this issue but instead he keeps his door Open for them to come(in and out). This issue wouldn't have gone to the Media if not that he Decided to entertain a Biased Report because it was one sided, much respect to you Kevin but you have gone far as a Blogger so these kind of News aren't worth been on your Blog because objectivity is very important in journalism, And my Sister Ohnay at XTRATIME Magazine I will say the same thing to you, your Journals have grown to be the Most readable magazine in Kaduna. Giving room to this 3 people was not it at all!

MARVELOUSPhoto told xtratime that Henzee took the whole thing Far that he wasn't even her main Guy, did I hear him right? It meant that the Lady in question isn't a one man lady after all, I dey shame for her sha! In his words he also said (see no be one person get girlfriend o, na wife you fit fight for like this) he also bragged that Henzee's time has passed and now is His, My Goodness! so this dude could actually stood tall and say those words, a lady might not be for one man but its also good to that,“the stick wey dem use flog Henzee dem fit use am flog u too o”

also told Xtratime that “I didn't feel loved when I was with Henzee. Henzee constantly Cheated on me” now I de laf o, he wasn't her main guy was what she told Marvelous and yet she wanted to have him all for herself? Babe u never Sabi were de pain u, she also told Xtratime that Henzee should deal with his issues and stop this Hype. Now tell me who is making a hype of it because Henzee only make two public statements and that was it unlike Shantel who is now regular on Replaytunes and Liberty Radio or is it Mavellous who became an instant celebrity but hated Amongst his colleagues? Babe be real!!!

HENZEE!Photo I have never seen this Dude but his maturity on this Issue is really commendable,he told Xtratime “the day she called me crying and said that she have done something wrong. That she slept with marvelous and I told her that I have forgiven her” now my reader will be wondering what kind of a person is Henzee! That your babe had sex with someone that has been label a Girlfriend snatch baron and all you could do is “I have forgiven you” now people like Henzee seems too gentle to The likes of marvelous,

I had never wanted to comment on this boring and Kevin Tita Over Hyped issue but now people wanted to know my view, I strongly advise Marvelous to focus more in Building a career in music and take it slow on trending at the girlfriend snatcher log table and also make positive headlines and not on the Issues of such image denting.

In Order for Shantel to really get her Values back as a woman, with the Gossip going round the entertainment cycle in Kaduna shows that she needs a total change of attitude, Henzee really have to move on in life and learn to date women and not girls!
Its allowed to give out your used clothes and if maverlous decided to receive the used clothes I don't see what's an Issue there

All the madness have to come to an end,
Make we hear word abeg


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